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Oil Spill Attempted Coverup

19 May

Please check out this article about how the Coast Guard is working to coverup information about the BP oil spill, seemingly for the sake of the PR of the corporation. The video in the article is of CBS getting told that they can not film a Louisiana beach because BP has rules against it. But its the Coast Guard who tells them they have to leave. Public waters, public beaches, and yet when it might hurt the reputation of a private company media are denied access.

Oil has reached the coast of Louisiana. This is one of the biggest environmental disasters ever. We are going to be facing repercussions for decades to come. And Obama, like EVERY OTHER POLITICIAN, works for the corporations, not the people.

Sea turtles are dead. Dolphins are dead. Who knows how many fish and plankton etc. are dead. Birds are going to be dead. I wonder how long until this makes some of us dead. Fuck oil and fuck capitalism.

I sincerely wish that ridiculously terrible things didn’t have to happen to point out to liberals that a Democratic politician is no more our friend than a Republican one. These people are not to be trusted. But We have. They were trusted with our ocean and they have ruined it. People’s civil rights are being violated to perpetuate ignorance and lies about the extent of the damage to our environment that was caused through corporate greed and political corruption. The capitalist system works for the capitalists. It does not work for us. They place profit over our lives, over workers’ lives, over animals’ lives, over the environment. These CEOs do not deserve the money or power they have. Their existence threatens ours.