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Blade as allegory for dealing with privilege

22 Oct

OK OK, I’m being serious here.

I’ve been thinking about issues around privilege a lot lately. And I watched Blade last night, and the third Twilight movie a couple of weeks ago. These two movies combined have created some weird connections in my brain. This is my attempt to convey these connections. It will probably make better sense if you have seen both of the films, but I wouldn’t spend money on it.

The third twilight movie is a good example of colonialism/racism and how the vampire concept plays into it. In that movie they actually show white, colonist vampires engaging in genocide of indigenous people. Who happen to have the ability to turn into werewolves. The werewolves are indigenous people of color. The vampires are almost exclusively white- blindingly glittery white. The movie itself is full of racism in terms of the representation of the indigenous people. The movie also contains a lot of promblematic content in terms of how emotionally and physically abusive etc. the relationship is, as well as the Mormon points of view about sex, marriage, and monogamy that are very clearly promoted in the content.

Basically I am bringing up Twilight only to explain why I was originally starting the think about silly vampire movies in contexts of racism and privilege. Twilight is pretty racist. And so I started thinking about vampires as having a lot in common with white people.

In Blade, Blade is a person of color who was born right after his mom got bitten by a vampire. Continue reading

Sexual Assault *Trigger Warning*

10 Aug

I am probably going to write more about this later, but I just really have to say that I think in many situations of calling out an accused perpetrator of sexual assault the people doing the calling out are more after the satisfaction of a witch hunt than the solution of an accountability process.

I find this problematic.

I am not talking about the survivor. I support the survivor’s right to feel any way they want to. I  am specifically talking about people who are NOT the survivor, but who might be friends of them or just somehow became involved in calling someone out.

I understand the satisfaction that comes with being mean, I think we all do. But I also understand that it is a short lived satisfaction that will not lead to positive results for our communities.

It is hard enough to get perpetrators to be involved in an accountability process. I believe immature behavior on the part of accusers and others makes it less than likely for a perpetrator to want to get involved. Ultimately, yes, of course it is always the perpetrator’s responsibility to take on accountability and work through their shit. But it is unnecessary and unhelpful to make that more difficult than it already is. And doing so creates more risk for our communities.

I think that if the demands for accountability are not genuine the odds of getting a perpetrator to be accountable are slim. You can’t expect someone to take a demand for accountability seriously when it comes wrapped up in insults.