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In Memory of People Murdered By The State

28 Jun

New Mural on the Wingnut Anarchist Collective.

Really Really Free Market

6 May
Believe it or not, the Really Really Free Market is about a whole lot more than stuff. Sure, one of the most tangible results every month is the exchange of clothes, books, shoes, cds, movies, food, appliances and more. But those are not the only important results. The model of the Really Really Free Market is such that the more important results are not nearly as tangible.
We often say that the Really Really Free Market is about community. And it is. It is a community event. But it is also an anarchist event. Continue reading

Why I do Food Not Bombs

23 Feb

I have been doing Food Not Bombs on and off since I was about 16. I’m 23 now.

I think it is time I took a few moments to reflect on why I do Food Not Bombs.

I do Food Not Bombs because I see a need, in Richmond, as in most places, for a redistribution of resources, including food.  There is a ton of food that goes to waste (aka gets thrown out by lazy and greedy people) and on the other hand a lot of people who go hungry, or don’t have access to healthy food, or struggle a lot to be able to eat.

Providing free food has the potential to help folks stay healthy, remove some stress from their lives, and keep less going to the landfills.

And that is all the sort of nuts and bolts of it. Ultimately I have to talk about social justice to talk about why I think Food Not Bombs matters. I think we have the potential to build community. Both among the people who come to cook and among the people who  come to eat. And through the overlap of those two groups as well. Continue reading

March Really Really Free Market in Holly Street Park

9 Mar


March Really Really Free Market

Springtime Anti-Capitalist Festival

Richmond Community
Saturday, March 28, 2009
12:00pm – 6:00pm
Holly Street Park in Oregon Hill
Holly Street
Richmond, VA


Come celebrate spring in Holly Street Park on the Last Saturday in March with other people in the Richmond Community. Bring things you no longer want or need to give away for free. Come to get some free stuff. Bring your talents/ skills/ stories/ poems/ music etc. to share. Come teach a workshop! Perform music or a skit. Play soccer, hula hoop, football, frisbee tag etc.
lets have a rockin good time together in the park and experience what a really really free market might be like. Continue reading